What is multifoil insulation?

SuperFOIL Insulation

Unlike most other insulation types which are made from a single material, such as foam, fibreglass wool, mineral wool or PIR. Multifoil insulation consists of layers of wadding sandwiched between aluminium foil sheeting. As a result, our standard multifoil combines the thermal insulation properties of foam wadding, with the added benefit of foil which serves…

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The tools you need to insulate a loft with multifoil

One of our customers, Paul, recently upgraded his loft with our multifoil insulation. Here, he gives a run-through of the most helpful tools and equipment he used to make his home more comfortable and efficient. For his project, Paul opted for a combination of our SF19+ and SF40 to achieve his target U-value and he…

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The Weird and Wonderful Places We’ve Installed SuperFoil

The woodsman's treehouse boardwalk

Everybody needs insulation. We believe there is a material to suit every property and circumstance. However, at SuperFOIL, we favour foil insulation most highly, and our clients tend to follow suit! Over the years, we’ve contributed our expertise to some weird and wonderful projects. Here is a highlight reel of some of our favourite non-housing…

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Insulating From A Landlord’s Perspective

Your responsibilities as a landlord span beyond decorating your rental property! When you’re providing a home for tenants, it is critical that your building considers all their needs. You have legal requirements to insulate and protect your house against the elements from installing functional facilities down to ensuring energy efficiency. At SuperFOIL, we understand you…

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