Thermal Values & Heat Transfer – Why They’re Important

Confused by U-Values and R-Values? Do you know the difference? We want to ensure that you understand every step of this process, so you know you’re getting a customer-orientated service. That’s why we’ve decided to break down our process into simple steps and explain terms we commonly use, in this case, we’re going to explain…

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Benefits Of Using Multifoil In Lofts

Attic conversion with SuperFOIL

You might think you know all there is when it comes to insulation. But how much do you know about multifoil? With over 20 years worth of experience working with highly-certified multifoil, we know how effective it can be – suited to roofs, walls & floors, you can use it however best suits your project. …

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Loft Insulation For Beginners

Attic Conversion with SuperFOIL

Don’t view yourself as an insulation expert? We get it. With all the options open to you, choosing the one that is right for you and your property can be a daunting task. This is why we have created this quick guide, to give you an insight into loft insulation and how to make the…

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Reflecting on a successful 2019 for SuperFOIL

2019 saw some big changes for the business, which have allowed us to grow from strength to strength. The last year saw our team grow from 14 to 22, our turnover grew by 38% and we produced an extraordinary 1,516,992 square metres of insulation! Relocation Perhaps our biggest change in 2019 was our move to…

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