Insulating Your Loft This Summer – The Basics

insulating your loft

Summer is the perfect time to insulate your house. It’s nice outside, and you don’t have to rush. Insulating your loft is also a very good idea this summer because you’ll get your money back in as little as two years. After that, you’ll start saving up….

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Why You Should Invest in a Radiant Barrier for Your Home

radiant barrier for your home

Summer is coming into full swing, and many homeowners are having trouble dealing with the heat. Leaving the air conditioning on at all times can be expensive and annoying. A better solution is to get a radiant barrier for your home. We will go over the advantages of these barriers but first, let’s talk a bit…

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Why is Multifoil Insulation So Convenient for Self-Build

multifoil insulation for self-builders

One reliable way to improve the thermal performance of your house and thus reduce energy costs is through insulation. Insulating your home is an investment in reducing future energy bills. However, more and more self-builders are minimising their costs by insulating their homes themselves. Their product of choice? Multifoil insulation for self-builders. Why is this type of…

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