It’s Nice To Be Appreciated

Display Box

We like to ensure that users receive good service with their SuperFOIL needs and praise couldn’t be higher than this recent glowing tribute to the staff at SCP Building Supplies who have a prominent SuperFOIL display and an excellent depth of product knowledge. Customer: “Brilliant – all good, order placed for 8 rolls of SF60 and sundry bits this…

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SF40 The Versatile Insulation

SF40 Underfloor Heating

Paul wanted a good level of insulation in the new extension to his home that he is self building. He is installing underfloor heating, and it’s a difficult combination of new and old. Part of it will be the original house and part of it the new extension. Therefore he wanted to be sure he…

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SuperFOIL The Master Class

SuperFOIL Install

Timber frame Experts Westructure in Devon, acknowledged through the UK for their stunning custom homes which have appeared on Chanel 4’s Grand Design TV show, conducted a masterclass for their extensive team of expert timber framers. The masterclass covered all aspects of fitting SuperFOILinto a timber frame, including walls and roofs. The masterclass legacy is a…

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