Building Regs Inspectors

Familiar with SuperFOIL Insulation

In the UK, to meet building regulations your property has to
be inspected by a building control body. Building inspection services are
provided by your local authority or by independently registered agencies. Your building inspector will give you guidance on you insulation requirements; we’ll work with you or your building inspector to ensure you achieve the most from SuperFOIL products.

Local Inspectors

Telephone Based in Areas Covered
Anthony Lee 01271 814395 Devon South West England
James Bourke 01405 766700 East Yorkshire England and Wales
Roy Judge 08451 651744 Bedford England and Wales
Ronald Hilsden 01223 864663 Cambridge Cambridge area
Stephen Blades 01377 256538 East Yorkshire East Yorkshire

Corporate Inspectors

Telephone Based in Areas Covered
Act Building Control Limited 01452 310880 Gloucestershire England and Wales
Assent Building Control Ltd 01924 229180 West Yorkshire England and Wales
Building Control Partnership Ltd 08456 443875 Yorkshire England and Wales
Lewis Berkeley Building Control Limited 02074 913198 London England and Wales
LBC (South) 07825 767 387 Sussex England and Wales
Meridian Consult Ltd 01785 859200 Stafford England and Wales
PWC Building Control Services Ltd 01832 732360 Northamptonshire England and North Wales
Quadrant Approved Inspects 01780 460464 Rutland England and Wales
Salus (BCFSC) Ltd 01455 271155 Leicestershire Leictershire
STMC (Building Control) Ltd 01618 778660 Manchester England and Wales